JN Road, Dandeli.

Whistling Woods Resort

Engulfed by the lush canopies of deciduous forests and caressed by the swift waters of the Kali river, the Whistling Woodzs experience is an exquisite retreat awaiting travellers and tourists from all walks of life. As a jungle resort, Whistling Woodzs is part of a natural ecosystem, teeming with wildlife and adventure sports, that has been built to nurture and nourish your body, mind and soul. An exquisite eco friendly jungle hideaway on the Kali river bank set in a lush tropical rainforest.

Rustic themed cottages in indigenous architecture beside a frolicking jungle streams, splendid tropical birds on overhanging branches, colourful hornn bills and the insistent chatter of cicadas, the powerful throb of nature is the only clock you will need here. Wrapped in the enchantment of a lush forest, beneath an enormous interlaced canopy formed by majestic trees, stone paved paths fringed by tropical plants wind through leading to brick coloured cottages, designed in architecture influenced to a great extent by the vernacular of the region.