Wild Wood Jungle Stay Dandeli

As Dandeli tourism became popular and the series of resorts come up, in the same way to fulfill the needs of the tourists, the homestay came into existence. Many homestays have now come into existence to cater to the needs of the visitors who visit Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary to experience the beauty of mother nature. Wild Wood Jungle Stay  Dandeli is one which is located in the midst of the beauty of the forest. By this time SW Homestay Dandeli has given service to the thousands of tourists who come to stay in the midst of nature in the womb of mother nature and be a part of it.

Wild Wood Jungle Stay Tariff
Rs 1600 / person
  • lunch, dinner, breakfast
  • Campfire
  • jungle tracking
  • Jacuzzi bath
  • River boating

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This Wild Wood Jungle Stay  Dandeli is about 4 kms from Dandeli city on the way to Kerwad. It is situated at Kerwad village surrounded by thick forest of Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary. This basically a well built home of a farmer of the village. The house is very well planned and constructed so as to convey this into a stay. This home stay has go 4 rooms which are well furnished with beds, lighting and meet all the modern amenities with the supply of hot water to the rooms.

There is a separate dining hall which is away from these rooms which has got a nature look. The food served here is so fantastic which is prepared keeping the tourists taste in mind. There are well experienced cooks and guides to serve the tourists who visit SW Homestay Dandeli.

Above all this, the management of Wild Wood Jungle Stay  Dandeli arranges all the activities preferred by the tourists in the same tariff as planed by the resorts in Dandeli. The staff here are trained to arrange Jungle Safari, Nature walk Bird watching, rafting and many more activities that the tourist demand.