Bison river resort

Bison River Resort which is with arms length of Dandeli is known for the Bison River Resort which is located along the vast expanse of the kali river. The beautiful scenario of river kali enhances the beauty of Bison River Resort Dandeli. This resort is run by most experienced and trained Indian adventures – a revered chain of wild life and adventure resorts. This is the first best professional resort in this area. Tourist from all over the world flock towards this resort on account of its environmental beauty, with its fresh and pure air to breath in, various thrilling and interesting activities not only the midst of the thickly forested evergreen area but also in the kali river. One can surely exclaim, “A thing


1 night 2 day package

Rs 3500 / person
  • lunch, dinner, breakfast
  • Campfire
  • jungle tracking
  • Jacuzzi bath
  • River boating

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Dandeli Bison River Resort takes the tourist away from their busy schedule and places them into a calm cool and composed atmosphere of natural habitat with it beautifully arranged bedrooms with attached washrooms, full of amenities to suit the modern requirements of the tourist. There are will furnished dining halls with delicious and hygienic cuisine in the moonlight nights of bonfire. Besides one can directly enjoy the river sight through the resorts. The resort render Yeoman service to their tourists their hospitality is unmatched and makes you feel at home.

White water rafting is a thrilling water sport which gives new kind of excitement and experience to the water lovers. The magnificent and majestic kali river provides rapids to make rafting more adventures. The rafters are well guided by the expert raftsman & floating on a raft with a rudder in your hand, on the flatly flowing water gradually from one rapid to another is really a very wonderous and exciting experience only to those who experience it. All the rafters are provided with life saving jackets and helmets. This thrilling activity is the pride of the resort.

Bison River Resort Dandeli provides other activities like Jungle Safari and Bird watching which are usually undertaken early in the morning. One can spot foxes, spotted deer sometimes elephant along with wild colourful migratory birds.

Besides a few other enthusiastic water sports are coracle riding, canoing, kayaking are very popular. To add enjoyment and adventure you have trekking and rappelling and these are specially enjoyed by the youngsters.

Nature has plenty to offer to humans. The majestic, magnificent and generous kali river has also offered without any prejudice to its visitors a natural message which is termed as ‘Jacuzzi’. This is natural massage is enjoyed by all the visitors irrespective of age.

All together one fees this resort as a ‘Heavenly Abode’ where everything is so calm, quiet cool and comforting. You feel like visiting it frequently and be a part of nature. “Nature is generous and has everything to satisfy mans aspirations”.